Tennessee Volunteers At Oklahoma Sooners Football Preview | What To Expect From The OU Defense

By M. Hofeld

Oklahoma’s defensive task got a little easier this week when Vols coach Butch Jones announced on Monday that receiver Von Pearson would not be available. That said, the Sooners defensive back will still be pressed against a talented group of Tennessee receivers that could still be the best group OU has faced this season.

The passing game is the strength of the Tennessee offense with the Vols are seventh in the SEC in passing yards per game and tenth in the rush. This means for the second week in a row defending the pass is the top priority for Oklahoma’s defense. Here’s what you can expect from Oklahoma’s game plan.

Push back the line of scrimmage. It isn’t enough just to hold their ground. Jordan Phillips and company must push an inexperienced Tennessee offensive line back on every down. Doing so will not only limit what the Vols can do in their rushing attack, it will also be disruptive to their passing game by flushing quarterback Justin Worley from the pocket and forcing him to make a decision on the run.

Contain on the edges. Worley isn’t just a guy who lives in the pocket and, while he’s also not Vince Young, the …read more

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