Oklahoma Sooners Football – RJ’s Thoughts: The running game, the Rose Bowl and Boomer Sooner

By RJYoung

RJ tells you one stat, one player and one story you need to know before the Rose Bowl.


What’s good, fam? I’m RJ Young. I am not on a step mill. I covered Sooners football, men’s basketball and softball for five years. I earned a master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma, and I’m earning a Ph.D at Oklahoma State, which means I do stuff like pass out Ls on Stillwater’s campus in my Sooners jersey. So that’s me. Feel free to say hi. I’mma be where I’m at.


That’s how many more rushing attempts (501) the No. 2 Oklahoma Sooners has than passing attempts (397) heading into its Rose Bowl matchup with No. 3 Georgia on New Year’s Day. What’s most remarkable about that number is the Sooners average 8.4 yards per play.

You know what that means? It means the chain-gang is running extra gasser after practice because the Sooners are picking up a first down every other play on average.

That’s just filthy. But what’s filthier still? The 5.6 yards per carry average Oklahoma owns without a single 1,000-yard rusher. The 215 yards rushing per game the Sooners average gets …read more

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