Oklahoma Sooners Football: A brief look at Sooners in the Super Bowl

By Jack Shields

Oklahoma’s Super Bowl history isn’t terribly rich, but that doesn’t mean it’s nonexistent.

What comes to your mind when you think of Oklahoma Sooners playing in the Super Bowl? For me it’s probably Keith Jackson catching a 10-yard pass from Brett Favre in Super Bowl XXXI against the New England Patriots. Why? Well, those are the only yards from scrimmage recorded by a former Sooner in a Super Bowl since I’ve been old enough to watch football. Steve Sewell caught a pair of passes for the Broncos in a blowout loss against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XXIV, but I was only a year old at the time. Unless the Philadelphia Eagles decide to do something sneaky with Lane Johnson on Sunday, Jackson’s catch will continue to hold that distinction for me.

Sewell actually made a pretty decent mark in Super Bowl XXII, the game in which he actually completed a 23-yard pass to John Elway and caught four of his own for 41 yards. He also recorded three carries and a pair of receptions in Super Bowl XXI the year prior.

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