River Boat Bob is Back

While I am certainly no proponent (in fact it is one of my most hated sports clichés) of the idea of someone having “mojo” or “swagger”, whatever it was that separated Bob Stoops from the rest of college football for his first six years is back. Local and national media liked to label him “River Boat Bob” or “Big Game Bob” for the better part of those years and have loved to talk about how he has lost it ever since. Starting in Columbia and being solidified on Saturday night in College Station, Bob Stoops has the big game mentality back and is ready to return to prominence.

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Opportunity Knocks for Wilson

Before I start a firestorm of criticism and insults let me start by saying that in no way shape or form could Sooner fans, coaches, or players feel good after losing Adrian Peterson. In fact, they should feel like someone stole their new Tivo just as they had filled the electronic wonder with dozens of their favorite shows. They should feel sick to their stomachs about missing the opportunity to see such a player ever don the Crimson and Crème again. That being said, this is a monumental opportunity for Kevin Wilson to prove his ability.

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Not Prime Time

The 2006 edition of Oklahoma-Texas was not unlike many recent games in the series, which is why it is altogether shocking that Oklahoma lost. If you were part of the national audience that watched the game you saw one team laying out the hits, holding on to the ball and not making game shifting penalties … the same thing that happened over and over during Oklahoma’s recent five game win streak in the series. Here’s the kicker though, this time the team doing the right things had horns on their helmets.

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Ready for America?

Nobody in or around Norman believes that all of the questions from the first three games of the 2006 campaigns were answered in the Sooners 59-0 thrashing of Middle Tennessee, but it was most definitely a step in the right direction. For the first time since Jason White graced Owen Field, Oklahoma looked like a team that could regain the swagger of the early Bob Stoops years thanks to an opportunistic defense, efficient offense, and reliable special teams unit. Are they ready for the eyes of Texas in front of the eyes of the nation?

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Myth Busters: College Football Style

As the proverbial horse has been methodically beaten to death I will step up to the plate one last time and dispel a few myths that have floated in the atmosphere since Saturday’s Debacle in Eugene. These myths are not so much related to the calls made during the game, but in the opinions and statements in the fallout. Pack it up and pack it in, let us begin!

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Pac-10 Takes Accountability

Nothing will change the record book or give Oklahoma back a celebration that they earned and deserved, but the Pacific 10 conference did own up to mistakes made by their employees Monday afternoon. The onsides kick, consequent recovery, and pass interference calls from Saturday’s Oklahoma-Oregon game were reviewed by Pac-10 officials and the conference did take responsibility. Here’s a recap from the release:

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Bravo Boren

It is rare in times such as these where obvious wrongs are done to a school via poor officiating that an official of the school speaks out against it. Fines can be levied and opinions can be formed that are detrimental to the progression of the school by committing such an act. However, after such transgressions on Saturday that were so obvious to everyone, David L. Boren, President of the University of Oklahoma spoke out Monday. Here is a review of Boren’s main points to Kevin Weiberg, Big 12 Commissioner.

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Sooners Get Ripped Off in Eugene

The Oklahoma Sooners and Oregon Ducks played a classic today in Eugene. Unfortunately, it will go down forever as one of the biggest officiating debacles in the history of Oklahoma football. In a game that had tremendous swings both ways, the Sooners took control of the game in the fourth quarter and built a 33-20 lead with about six minutes remaining.

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Cowboys Start Season with Blowout Win

STILLWATER, Okla. – Bobby Reid threw four touchdown passes — doubling his 2005 season total — and Mike Hamilton rushed for 155 yards to lead Oklahoma State past Missouri State 52-10 Saturday.

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Sooners Outlast UAB in Season Opener

In the much anticipated 2006 season opener, the Oklahoma Sooners looked better in some areas than expected and looked below potential in others.

With much of the focus this spring on the loss of last year’s starting quarterback Rhett Bomar, many college football experts expected the Sooners offense to be the biggest question mark. Most experts agreed that the Sooners would have one of the nation’s best defensive units.

Adrian Peterson - Courtesy of SoonerSports.com

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