OklahomaSports.com is an Internet based provider of sports information and related products and services. As our name indicates, our main focus is on sports in Oklahoma including professional, college, high school teams as well as such sports as hunting, fishing, canoeing, etc.

OklahomaSports.com’s purpose is to consolidate and dominate the fragmented Internet sports market in Oklahoma. The target market for this tightly defined audience includes current Oklahoma businesses and residents, Oklahoma expatriates, nonresident sports enthusiasts (i.e. the sports-related tourist market) and, of course, national companies desiring access to this target market. While initially concentrating development on collegiate sports (predominately college football) on our web site, OklahomaSports.com will eventually cover all sports active in or related to the state (e.g., professional sports including baseball, hockey and horse racing as well as “natural” sports such as hunting, fishing, running, etc.). Longer-term OklahomaSports.com will serve as the model for expansion of this Internet sports concept into other states.

OklahomaSports.com’s primary goal is to become the definitive source of Internet sports information in the State of Oklahoma. Across-the-board coverage will be achieved through development of materials by OklahomaSports.com employees and contractors and through acquisition of information from third party sources including stringers/freelancers, primary source newspapers, sports magazines and other Internet sites. Accordingly, OklahomaSports.com has established relationships and is actively seeking additional relationships with third party content providers to function as Internet reporters (i.e., attending sports events and producing original articles).

OklahomaSports.com is a for-profit organization. We make money by selling advertising/sponsorships, the sell of Oklahoma related merchandise and through the development and maintenance of web sites for other Oklahoma related companies. If we can help you or your company with any of these services, please don’t hesitate in contacting us.

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Jason Waganer

President and Executive Editor


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