2017 Oklahoma Sooners Football Countdown To Kickoff | 22 Days!

By Seth Oliveras

Quentin Griffin will forever be a fan favorite in Norman, Oklahoma.

We have 22 days to go in our countdown to kickoff, and for many Oklahoma Sooners, the number 22 holds a special place in our hearts and memories. His name is Quentin Griffin, but around here we know him as “Q”.

From ‘99 to ’02, he was a man among men, but if you had never watched him play you weren’t expecting it. What the 5’7” tailback lacked in stature he made up for in heart. It was his motor, his will, his tenacity that separated him on the field. His style was not necessarily to outrun his defender, but to outsmart him.

Those who had the pleasure of watching the Houston native perform on the field remember him sprinting down sidelines, putting his hand in the ground to keep himself up, and spinning out of would-be tackles as he found his way into the end zone time and time again.

The BCS National Championship run in 2000 was full of magical moments, undoubtedly. One of those shining moments came against Texas in the annual rivalry game played at the historic Cotton Bowl. Aside from the game being an …read more

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